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The following testimonials and "thank you" notes are from patients on whom Dr. Summers has operated.  To learn more about Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Summers' background and experience, click here.

Joan F.
Glen Burnie, MD

The staff at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center was excellent with assisting me with all questions and concerns. Dr. Summers is very precise in his work. I would recommend him to anyone I know. They are all wonderful. Thank you. Great job!


Kelly R. 
Washington, DC

I am extremely satisfied with my procedure and Dr. Adam Summers and the whole Maryland Plastic Surgery Center staff. Thank you!


Crystal C.
Crofton, MD

Dr. Summers did a very good job and I am very pleased with my surgery. I feel so good about myself now!

Dr. Summers -- it’s people like you who actually make the world a better place, because you change people’s lives. The results were better than I expected and if I ever want anything else done, you will be my first choice! Thank you very much. Stay sweet :-)


Shannon W.
Odenton, MD


Before my surgery I had very low self-esteem, and would not allow anyone to see my body, including my husband. Dr. Summers, along with the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center staff, has given me a new beginning. My husband and I are better in our relationship and I feel good about my body. Thank you Dr. Summers for helping me feel better about myself.

Fran F.
Baltimore, MD
Dear Dr. Summers,

I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me…You have given me much more than a facelift. You have given me a spirit lift, a lift for my soul and heart. Is it possible to operate on one’s soul? I feel that you have.

You put in much more than sutures… you have added a lightness, a joi de vivre, and, perhaps more importantly, a thrill of adventure and self-appreciation that years of psychiatric help would fail to accomplish – and all of this flows to my family and friends and those around me.

Critics of plastic surgery fail to take this into consideration. My facelift has given me the freedom to concentrate on others without fear or self-consciousness of my looks (or lack of). As humans, sometimes it’s hard to look past outer beauty to see the beauty inside of all of us…

Thank you for one less worry!


Angela B.
Baltimore, MD

I am a 31 year old domestic goddess of two beautiful children. I chose to have plastic surgery because after nursing two children my breasts took a beating. Although, I didn't have self esteem issues about the condition of my breast, I believe plastic surgery is an accessory just like a pair of diamond earrings. So I went for it and boy, was I lucky! Dr. Summers usually has a two month waiting list, but due to a recent cancellation, I received an appointment for my consultation right away. I received great results at a wonderful price. My experience was great, I would do it again thousand times. Awesome, fantastic, no words could express my happiness. My breasts look like I was born with them thanks to Dr. Summers and his staff at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center. They are the best in the world to me!


Marcy D.
Baltimore, MD
Having the surgery was truly the best thing that I ever did for myself. Dr. Summers was everything that I could have hoped for and his staff was excellent to work with. I was very pleased with the references and information I found. Dr. Summers and the staff at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center did a great job of making sure that I was comfortable with everything being done. If anyone is considering it, I would tell them to contact Dr. Adam Summers for answers to any questions they may have. I can't say enough good things about the Dr. Summers - he really did a wonderful job!!!


Derma P.
Baltimore, MD

I am 30 years old and had a breast augmentation with Dr. Summers at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.  The pre-operative details, surgical procedure and post-operative care are excellent.  I couldn't have asked for better treatment from even the President's staff!  My experience is one that I'll remember, never regret and wish I had done it sooner.

Crystal S.
Baltimore, MD

I am a 32 year old woman with 2 children. I am currently a licensed physical therapist assistant going to school part-time for Certified Massage Therapist. My goal for breast augmentation surgery was to improve the symmetry of my breast and the appearance of my breast. After nursing both of my children, I lost a lot support and tissue in my chest which impacted my appearance. With my surgery, I achieved exactly what I was looking for. I now have symmetry in my breast and fullness of my breast which helps to proportion my body significantly. Throughout the entire process, the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center's informative staff provided great communication and understanding. Dr. Summers was wonderful and handled all questions between my spouse and myself. Everyone was caring and very respectful. The procedure helped to improve my self-esteem and appearance in a way that I otherwise would not be able to achieve.


Paula R.
Bowie, MD

My name is Paula, and I am 32 years of age. I am a mother of two and work from home as a medical transcriptionist. My main intention for having surgery was just to look more in proportion with the rest of my body, especially after having 2 children, and I achieved just that. I didn't want anything drastic - basically just to feel better about myself and more confident and be able to fit into certain clothes that I couldn't before. The results are fantastic, and I am extremely happy with the way I look and feel now. My experience was more than satisfactory. On the phone and in person, the Maryland Plastic Surgery staff talked with me, told me of related experiences, and asked if I had any questions, which of course I did, and they answered in great detail. They helped make me feel more relaxed about what was a big decision for me. And, being an experienced board-certified surgeon, Dr. Summers helped me feel confident and very comfortable, making the entire decision-making process a whole lot easier and relaxing for me.


Darcy C.
Glen Burnie, MD

I am 43 years old and work as a Cashier Supervisor. My goal for this surgery was to help me feel and look better. I felt I could never dress as sexy as other women or put on a bikini without feeling ashamed. Ever since I was a teenager I have been teased and tormented about being flat chested. My self esteem has always been very low but now being able to wear a low cut shirt or a beautiful laced bra has done wonders for me. I hold my head up and my shoulders back because that is what you have given me. Self respect and self worth that I have looked for my whole life was found in Dr. Summers’ office on June 25, 2004 and I will always be grateful to everyone for helping me feel great about me. Thanks for everything!


Lynn F.
Rockville, MD

I am 5'6" tall with long blond, curly hair. I work for a real estate company in Maryland as a Lease Administrator. Prior to that, I worked for a Minnesota Senator on Capitol Hill. Even though I work out at the gym frequently, I had a few problem areas, which would not go away. Thanks to Dr. Summers' cosmetic surgery team at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, I've had liposuction on my outer thighs, hips and stomach. Now my saddlebags are gone and I was able to buy a pair of hip hugger jeans! I'll be 45 next month and will almost wear a size 6. I'm planning to return to have my inner thighs done very soon.



Stacy W.
Friendship, MD

I am a 32 year old MIS Manager for a corporate office of a fast food chain. My goal for surgery was to feel and look better. I've always had small breasts (A-cup) and I've always wanted bigger ones. I didn't want to be huge, just more comfortable in lower cut shirts and dresses. I was tired of shopping for water bras, padded bras, etc.

I had been researching breast augmentation for about 3 years and after I had my last child I decided to pursue the surgery. My husband found Dr. Summers on the internet and I e-mailed him for some information. I was nervous about having any type of surgery but I decided the outcome would be well worth the recovery pain. The recovery was easier than I thought and Dr. Summers is very experienced and knowledgeable. I'm a full C-cup now and I love them! Dr. Summers did a wonderful job and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Everyone was so helpful and friendly and the whole process was so easy! The Maryland Plastic Surgery staff answered all of my questions and the paperwork was easy to fill out and easy to understand. I have recommended Dr. Adam Summers to several of my friends who are interested in breast augmentation. I look great!


Christina S.
Baltimore, MD

I am a 35 year old mother of two children. Currently, I am working for a life insurance company via telecommunication. I would like to thank Dr. Adam Summers for having the opportunity to have this procedure. My breast augmentation and breast lift procedure turned out absolutely beautiful. I cannot describe how much better I feel about myself and the self-esteem I have gotten since my surgery. The results are simply amazing.


Brittany B.
Glen Burnie, MD

I am VERY pleased with the way surgery has made me look and feel.  I would definitely recommend people I know to Dr. Summers and his staff at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.

Lailani R.
Baltimore, MD

Because of a terrible car crash in 1995, I have been unable to breathe correctly and I have not looked like myself for a long time. My breathing became unbearable and then I was so lucky to have found Dr. Summers.  My rhinoplasty surgery has changed me so much.  My breathing is so much better now and I finally have a bridge on my nose again.  I used to think my lungs were not working properly. It is so amazing how much better I can breathe now.  I am very happy about my nose, too.  I have felt very ugly inside but never let it get me down or change me but now it feels good to look like my old self again. It's a blessing that I met Dr. Summers and I am so very grateful that I was so lucky to have him as my surgeon.  I found out that all the research I did on Dr. Summers is better than I expected...I found that he was the best around, but in my eyes', he is the best ALL AROUND!  Thank you!  You have changed my life...

Heather A.
Glen Burnie, MD

Believe me when I say that words can never describe how very, very thankful I am for what Dr. Summers and his staff at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center did for me!

Leslie R.
Baltimore, MD

My name is Leslie and I am a 33 year old mother of three. I really wanted to have breast augmentation surgery for several years. I went from a large C-cup size to less than a A-cup after have my third child, but two things held me back. One was the fear of things going wrong and the other was financial. One day I sat down to my computer and went online to research cosmetic surgery and I came across Dr. Summers' website and I am very pleased that I did. Everyone I have come in contact with has been great. I am very pleased with Dr. Summers, he has been nothing short of excellent throughout the entire process. He shows how much he cares for both you and your health from day one. Every member of his staff has been excellent as well. I felt very comfortable and confident throughout the entire process, including the day of surgery. The surgery itself went great, I experienced very little pain, most was managed with Advil instead of the prescription pain killer I was prescribed. I can not say enough how smoothly all of this has gone, I am now three months post-surgery and in a D-cup, and I now have the confidence I always feel I have lacked. For any woman who has gone through what childbirth does to your body or just wants to have breast augmentation surgery, it is more than worth it and I would highly recommend the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.

Suzy L.
Baltimore, MD
In the past I have endured injection sclerotherapy the old fashioned way, with injections.  Recently I underwent laser sclerotherapy by Dr. Summers using the laser and without a doubt it is a much less painful treatment.  The results were great with little post care necessary and no down-time.  I would highly recommend this procedure!

Andrea M.
Crofton, MD
Dr. Summers was highly recommended to me from two friends who had been his patients in the past. I was not disappointed. He made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. His calm demeanor and knowledge set my mind at ease that he would give me the best results possible. Many women get plastic surgery for various reasons and when I explained my reasons to him, he was non-judgemental and caring. He was very helpful in educating me on the silicone implants that I chose and I trusted that he was going to be the best doctor to do my breast augmentation. My overall experience of plastic surgery was excellent. I have more self-confidence and a better body image thanks to him!

Kathy P.
Annapolis, MD
I am very pleased with Dr. Summers and my procedures!  After interviewing 3 other surgeons, I chose Dr. Summers for my rhinoplasty because of the care and concern he took with my desires for facial improvement!  I also chose him because he seemed extremely knowledgable and precise, comparable to the facial specialist I also interviewed. Having a revision surgery was scary for me, but I put my faith and trust in him.  Dr. Summers has excellent "bedside manner", made me feel comfortable from the moment we met, and proved to me that he truly cares about his patients.  Thank you Dr. Summers, Suzette and everyone who helped make my surgery experience the best it could be!  
Bowie, MD
Due to an accident on the highway, I arrived 45 minutes late for my appointment.  However, both Dr. Summers and Rossie, his physician assistant, went out of their way to make sure I was able to still receive my treatment. The staff at Maryland Plastic Surgery Center display both a professional and courteous attitude, and are always willing to share their treatment or procedure experiences. They are all very warm and friendly. Dr. Summers took all the time in the world with me, with lots of questions and concerns.  Dr. Summers is the best doctor around!
Lutisha F.
Baltimore, MD


I have always been "shy" about my breast size...or lack there of...and had wanted implants from early on.  After 3 children I still had no breasts and finally decided to "bite the bullet".  I had my procedure done in May of 2005 at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center and loved, loved, loved the results...  A couple months ago (and 4 years after my initial augmentation) I noticed some almost immediate volume decrease in my left breast.  I called Dr. Summers office and his staff promptly set me up an appointment to check it out.  Within less than a week I was back on the table having my implant replaced (at no cost to me) and it had turned out to be a defect in the implant valve.  Dr. Summers was as amazing with my replacement implant as he was with the initial implant...which concerned me initially as I wrongly assumed that since it was covered under the warranty that I would not be as much of a  "priority" as "paying" clients.  I was certainly wrong about that aspect as Dr. Summers was more than willing to resolve my issue as quickly as possible.  I am contemplating liposuction or maybe a tummy  tuck... When I decide to do it Dr. Summers will be my first choice!!  For anyone out there contemplating a procedure...set yourself up a consult with Dr. will walk out of his office with confidence in him as your surgeon as well looking forward to a date for your procedure...what are you waiting for?