Adam N. Summers, M.D.
Maryland Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa

Office Tour

Welcome to the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa, Maryland's first Medical Spa and the region's first fully integrated Cosmetic Surgery Center, Medical Spa, Laser Center, Dermatology Clinic and Ambulatory Surgery Center. Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Summers envisioned a comfortable, spa-like environment in which his patients could contemplate the wide spectrum of facial and body enhancements options. His goal was to provide the full complement of treatment options, including highly effective medically supervised skin care products, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, laser therapy, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic cosmetic surgery, anti-aging treatments and major cosmetic surgery all under one roof.

Dr. Summers achieved his goal by creating the region's first plastic surgery "destination".  The facility's unique design features dramatic elements such as tiered soffits, teired ceilings, curved walls, tray and domed ceilings, indirect ceiling lighting, and ambient light via frosted privacy panels.  Patients and visitors appreciate the perfect blending of open spaces, private areas and elegant finishes.  The wood and granite throughout the center are complemented by a Tuscany flair.  Wall sconces and 6-panel doors contribute to the feel that you are in someone's home, not a medical office.

As you arrive at the Center, you may be surprised to see the unique artwork adorning the wall across from the reception desk.  This is a canvas which was stretched to fit the curvature of the wall and custom framed in-place.  The artwork itself is an original oil painted by one of Dr. Summers' patients.

The lobby is comfortably airy with an open alcove for small group seating.  A lighted waterfall and ficus trees add to the ambience as information is unobtrusively displayed on the plasma screen.  Background speakers may be playing the sounds of the season or music from softer decades.  The lobby is repleat with literature about specific procedures and products - visitors are encouraged to take copies of any literature of interest.  Two lighted display cabinets provide ample room for additional information and skin care products.  Visitors may sample products with the supervision of our esthetic staff.

As you are escorted from the lobby to your personal consultation room or treatment room, you will appreciate the dimmed lighting and quite rooms.  The spa-like atmosphere is accentuated with fragrant candles and fresh flowers.  The consultation and treatment rooms have been designed to be comfortable while facilitating delivery of our high-tech cosmetic treatments.




As an exceptionally gifted Baltimore plastic surgeon, of advanced procedures for the face, breast and body. His reputation for consistently delivering outstanding results attracts numerous facelift, breast augmentation buttock lift, body lift and tummy tuck Maryland patients every year. In addition, Dr. Summers is a talented liposuction specialist who has helped many Baltimore, Maryland liposuction patients enhance the appearance of their torsos, arms, thighs and buttocks.