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Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

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Dr. Adam Summers

Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Summers of the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center has helped many Annapolis and Baltimore rhinoplasty patients achieve beautiful facial harmony by re-shaping the nose. A rhinoplasty typically involves reducing the size of the nose by removing and/or sculpting the nasal bones and cartilage to enhance the facial appearance.

A nose job is a three dimensional procedure. Dr. Summers is especially good with three dimensional procedures – he has even won several awards for his work with three dimensional medical illustrations. With a delicate hand and artistic-eye, Dr. Summers is considered to be a Baltimore and Annapolis rhinoplasty specialist, placing special care to ensuring each nose surgery patient achieves a well-balanced and proportionate nose.

Rhinoplasty Introduction:

Unlike older approaches, where a "cookie cutter" technique was used to give all patients the same nose, Dr. Summers utilizes techniques that makes the results of each rhinoplasty unique to the individual.  The final outcome depends on patient desires as well as factors such as skin condition and thickness, nasal and facial structure, genetic contributions, and age.   In general, having nose surgery provides the patient with a better facial balance and overall appearance. 

Rhinoplasty Goals:
  • Bring a better proportion to the nose and facial features.
  • Reduce the size of the nose that is too large or too wide.
  • Correct an overly arched or “Roman” nose.
  • Re-form a crooked or elongated nose tip.
  • Restore the nose if damaged from an accident or sports injury.
  • Help with breathing problems by rebuilding the nasal passage.
  • Treat nasal deformities caused at birth.
  • Rhinoplasty Procedure:

    A "nose job" or rhinoplasty procedure lasts from one to three hours at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.  Dr. Summers may recommend either local or general anesthesia, depending upon the complexity of the operation.

    To begin the rhinoplasty surgery, tiny incisions are made which allow Dr. Summers to access the underlying nasal structure.  Dr. Summers then sculpts the cartilage and bone to form the basis for the new look.  Two basic methods are utilized for performing nose surgery.  These methods are referred to as the ‘open’ and the ‘closed’ techniques. 

    The open rhinoplasty technique allows for maximum visibility and control over the procedure.  The incision used in the open technique is placed in-between the nostrils on the columella (the medial nostril strip). 

    In the closed rhinoplasty technique, the incisions are internal only - however, there is less surgical control over the outcome.  In many cases this can be used to reduce a slight hump in the nose or to place an implant.  Dr. Summers will discuss which technique is best when the you arrive for your initial consultation. 

    Rhinoplasty Recovery:

    In order to speed the healing process and to reduce the recovery time, it is important to keep your head elevated.  Walking is encouraged but stenuous activity must be avoided.  Some swelling is common and most visible swelling will resolve within a few weeks; however, minor residual swelling of the tip of the nose may occur for several months.  At the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Summers will apply a splint, bandages, and/or gauze immediately following rhinoplasty surgery to aid in the healing process and to minimize movement of the nose.  Dr. Summers usually will not put any packing in the nose.  Any corrective glasses that are worn must be taped up and off the nose.  The nose will need to be well-protected from the sun for the first year after the procedure to avoid sunburn.  Typically, there is very little pain associated with the surgery - discomfort is effectively treated with oral medication and/or cold compresses.

    In addition to rhinoplasty, Baltimore and Annapolis nose surgery patients may benefit from a chin implant or a facelift procedure. Face lift patients can achieve a younger, more rejuvenated appearance by toning and tightening the face. Dr. Summers is considered to be a Baltimore facelift specialist, and patients can expect beautiful and natural-looking results.

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